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Creative Writing Experiment #2

This experiment consists of trying to write a children's book. I started writing this children's story my senior year of high school for my psychology class.

Always Bee Nice

Page 1
Beatrice woke up early in the morning.

Page 2
The light was shining through her window and the smell of honey was very strong.

Page 3
It was a beautiful day, but Beatrice was not excited about getting out of bed and going to school.

Page 4
For the past few days she had been bullied by a girl at school named Queen Bea.

Page 5
None of the kids at school liked Beatrice because she looked different from everyone else.

Page 6
Unlike the other kids she did not have stripes.

Page 7
She was bullied by Queen Bea and her swarm

Page 8
just because she was different.

Page 9
Beatrice did not know what to do about her problem

Page 10
so she decided to talk to her parents.

Page 11
After she told her parents about her problem

Page 12
they told her that she should be proud of being different from everyone else.


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